Change in the MUDI verification procedure, update of contract documentation and General Terms and Conditions from 5 January 2023

Change in the MUDI verification procedure, update of contract documentation and General Terms and Conditions from 5 January 2023

Wednesday, 21. December, 2022

In order to simplify and speed up the processing of requests related to the change of mobile device used to log in to the Union Registry, the national administrator will modify the procedure for verifying the user's mobile device identifier (MUDI) from 5 January 2023. This identifier is unique for each device with the EU Login mobile application and is generated automatically every time the mobile device is changed, as well as when the EU Login application is reset or reinstalled on the same mobile device. Any change to the MUDI is subject to approval by the national administrator.

MUDI will be verified only by telephone after additional verification of the identity of the authorized representative who initiated the change, through the secret question and answer provided during registration in the Union Registry, or selected digits from the national registration number or identity document.

The aforementioned change was incorporated into the General Terms and Conditions, in which other minor adjustments were also made. An overview of the changes is described below:

  • clarification of the conditions for account opening in point II.1.3., regarding the registration of the legal entity and registration for VAT purposes,
  • addition of point III.3. Authentication during telephone communication indicating the additional verification method for identifying the (additional) authorized representative,
  • alignment of the terms for account closure requests and for execution of the transaction in the entire document.

As a follow-up to the above, it was also necessary to modify contract documentation. From Update of the information about the account representative the information on MUDI was removed.

In addition, based on organizational changes in ICZ Slovakia a. s. the national administrator updated the wording of all contracts in which the legal representative was modified.

The new wording of the General Terms and Conditions, which will enter into force on 5 January 2023, is published in Slovak language in the Documents section. All other documents will be made available on 5 January 2023. Please note that from this date the national administrator will not accept documents that were valid until 4 January 2023, the date of sending the document being decisive.

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