Information on compliance obligation until 30 April 2021

Information on compliance obligation until 30 April 2021

Thursday, 1. April, 2021

The Slovak National Administrator informs users that legal obligation for operators to surrender allowances equal to verified emissions from stationary installations for previous calendar year until 30 April persists in ETS Phase 4 as well. Verified emissions for 2020 were imported into the Union Registry on 31 March 2021 for all installations in Slovakia.

For compliance 2020, which belongs to ETS Phase 3, it is not possible to use allowances issued in Phase 4. Information on ETS phase of allowances is available to authorised representatives directly on their accounts in the Union Registry. Phase 4 allowances can be used for compliance obligation 2021 at the earliest, i.e. from 1 May 2021. Similarly, aviation allowances (AEUA or EUAA, CHUA) can be surrendered by operators of installations from this date onwards.

The operators with remaining credit entitlement may exchange international credits CER and ERU for Phase 3 EUA in the Union Registry until 30 April 2021 at the latest. After this date the exchange or acceptance of international credits on EU ETS accounts will not be possible any more.

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