Logging into the Union Registry from 7 January 2022 - only via mobile app and QR code

Logging into the Union Registry from 7 January 2022 - only via mobile app and QR code

Tuesday, 7. December, 2021

Throughout this year a new verification method, EU Login Mobile App QR Code, for logging into the Union Registry has been introduced. This method will become the only verification method for accessing the Union Registry. As of 7 January 2022 it will no longer be possible to use Mobile Phone + SMS verification.

What is going to change?

After 7 January 2022 Mobile Phone + SMS verification method will no longer be supported for accessing the Union Registry. It will be possible to log into the Union Registry only using EU Login Mobile app and QR code.

What is necessary to do?

For activation of the new method, it is necessary to install the EU Login Mobile app on your smartphone. After that you need to add your mobile device to authentication service EU Login and then link it with the Union Registry. Please follow all steps in Section 3 of Používateľský manuál EU Login, which you can find in Dokumenty section on our website (available only in Slovak).

After successful addition of your mobile device into the Union Registry you are required to use only EU Login Mobile App QR Code verification method. Scan the QR code from the verification screen using EU Login Mobile app and transcribe the numeral code generated by the mobile app into it. This mobile app can be used offline, meaning internet connection is not needed for its functioning.

The new verification method is safer and more reliable than using SMS codes. We highly recommend to start using new verification method as soon as possible.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at +421-32-6563731 or emisie@icz.sk.

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