Union Registry

The EU registry is as of June 2012 the central registry which contains all units and allowances of all EU registries. Every EU member state manages its own part of the registry and is the focal point of all users in their registry part.
Every operator with an obligation under the EU ETS has an account in the registry. Organisations which trade with units and allowances also have an account. With these accounts they are able to receive and transfer units and allowances.
All operator holding accounts for stationary installations and person holding accounts previously held in national registries were moved to Union Registry in June 2012. From that time on, users log in to Union Registry via authentication service ECAS. For activation of access to the Union Registry enrolment key provided by National Administrator is needed (see user manuals to create a user account in ECAS and log in to Union Registry - available only in Slovak).
We notify all Authorized Representatives that Username/email and Password are used to protect the access to the Registry and nobody should tell them to another person under any circumstances.

With the introduction of single Union Registry, other changes have been made:

1.    Accounts

  • New EU accounts have been created

2.    Users

  • When logging in to Union Registry and when signing the transaction, SMS code is sent to registered mobile phone number; the mobile phone number indicated in your personal details must be the same as the mobile phone entered in ECAS
  • Users have been merged – one user has shared access data for all accounts

3.    Transactions

  • Transactions initiated from Operator Holding Accounts, Aircraft Operator Holding Accounts and Person Holding Accounts can be addressed only to the accounts defined in Trusted Account List; Account holder wishing to address a transaction to another account not listed in their Trusted Account List can open a trading account for this purpose
  • Transactions are initiated according to a time schedule on working days 10:00 - 16:00 (CET); After the initiation a 26-hours-delay applies before the transaction is sent for finalisation; Transactions initiated from Trading Account to accounts defined in Trusted Account List are exceptional; On Slovak public holidays the running of this delay is suspended
  • Every transaction has to be confirmed by the account representative by means of entering an SMS code sent to registered mobile phone
  • Four eyes principle – the transaction is approved by Additional Authorised Representative in case they are nominated
  • Serial numbers of allowances are invisible to users

Further information can be found in the European Commission statement.

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